"Bud Johnson’s “Acoustic Accents” has become an institution of its own on Alaska’s airwaves.” 

- Deborah Brocke, Program Director KTNA, Talkeetna, AK

“Acoustic Accents” is a 1-hour syndicated radio program showcasing great songs in the realms of folk, roots, bluegrass, Americana, Celtic, and everything in between.  In addition to the weekly line-up, our occasional “Words & Music” segments feature live performances and interviews with national and international touring musicians.  The program airs weekly on many radio stations in Alaska, around the country, and around the world.

Bud at Mike

“From day one my mission has been to introduce listeners to an incredible array of amazing music that is rarely heard on commercial radio. After twenty-five years, I’m still excited to share new music with my listeners whether it’s from an old favorite or a new up and coming artist.  If I can help make a connection between the listener and the artist then I feel I’ve succeed.”

- Bud Johnson, host/producer of Acoustic Accents. 

Over the life of the program our tastes have evolved just like the music we love.  While always listening for a fresh approach, we haven’t forgotten those early classics or the artists that performed them so brilliantly.  Today many genres can be heard on the show but one constant remains – great music with an “acoustic accent."

Acoustic Accents

Alaska's showcase for great music.